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My name is Adam Moody and I'm the creator of the Productivity Academy 14-Day Challenge.

The Productivity Academy started as a result of time spent searching for the best combination of methods, applications, and results throughout my personal and professional life. After years of making improvements in several many areas, I realized that although there is copious amounts of information and training available, most of it is teaching ideas of overall strategies while not being actionable or usable in a “right now” sense.Adam Moody

From my roles as a process engineer in a high tech field to co-founding a company on course to generate 7 figures in the first year I have had to find the most effective methods that work – there was no room for neat ideas that didn’t work out into actionable steps.

My goal is to offer you methods, news, reviews, and ideas, that will generate results immediately – and wherever possible to include step by step instructions via video and written content that will allow you to harness the power of these areas Right Now.

You’ll see that the word “actionable” is used often throughout the site. This is on purpose – this is what I found lacking in many other tutorials and strategies. Most were big on ideas but fell a little short when trying to implement the content.
I’m looking forward to helping you see where you can make easy improvements to your productivity and time management through effective use of existing technologies and strategies by applying them in new or better ways.

With that said, you should know that having the correct mindset and knowing what you want (and why!) is also an important part of the equation. If you’re aiming for the wrong goals you can burn out easily. Proper goal setting and mindset is another crucial topic that I also cover in videos and written content.
Adam Moody
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