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"When it comes to productivity Adam Moody is second to none...he's also helped me increase my revenue, getting away from those $10 per hour tasks and building a team that has allowed me to position myself as an expert and bring a LOT more value to my clients."
The First Productivity Program That Won't Crush Your Soul!
I teach busy men & women just like you how to make simple but powerful changes to their routines, processes, and lives, to get real world results that save time, lower stress, and help them focus.
Why? So we can do more of what we love!
Building a business, helping others, or hitting the trails!
Your 14-Day Challenge Includes:
The Daily Review Breakdown: Start Getting Results FAST
  • ¬†Detailed, step-by-step video walk-through¬†of the MOST important part of your productivity foundation
  • ¬†A to Z guide to make sure you not only CAN do this but that you WILL do it during AND after the challenge!
  • ¬†Downloadable Cheat Sheets
The 25 Hour Time Saver
  • ¬†Introduction to automation¬†shows you how to save 25+ hours with only a few minutes worth of work
  • ¬†Automation Cheat Sheet to guide you and make choosing what to automate easier and faster
  • ¬†Stop problems BEFORE they appear: find out how feedback loops are crucial and what you can do to master this critical area.
The Foundation: Yours For FREE
  • ¬†Normally Sold¬†Separately¬†-¬†you get The Foundation book for free as a Challenge member!
  • ¬†Dive into The Foundation¬†during the Challenge & afterwards to get even more real world productivity results
  • ¬†Real world examples of more automations you can implement quickly
The real world, easy to implement, approach to productivity that you can actually stick with.
Most productivity "tricks" we try to implement get lost in the shuffle. Not with the Productivity Foundation Challenge. This doesn't take a rocket scientist or years of training - follow the Done For You video training, implement, and get results!
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Send me my 14-day challenge now for just $7!
I'm ready to get started!
Unlike other "productivity" programs that have failed in the past and had you wishing you'd never started...
The 14-Day Productivity Foundation Challenge will make you realize how simple it can be to become and stay productive for the long term.
  • ¬†The Daily Review Breakdown
  • ¬†The 25 Hour Time Saver
  • ¬†The Foundation - Your FREE Book

My 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with the 14-day Productivity Foundation Challenge I'll give you 100% of your purchase back. PLUS, you can keep the training in case you change your mind and want to put it to use to easily and powerfully change your productivity.
Here is my "100% Real Deal Money-back Guarantee"
Join the 14-Day Productivity Foundation Challenge today, and if this turns out to not be a great fit that gives you increased productivity and saves you time that you can then spend with your family, friends, and favorite activities...then I'll return your $7 and you KEEP access to the training.
That's right. You don't even have to give up access or send anything back. Just email me your receipt and I'll fully refund your purchase.
Sound fair to you?
If so, get started - sign up and join the Challenge and start today!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you in the Challenge soon.
Here's to your improved productivity!
-Adam Moody, Founder Of The Productivity Academy
Is This Too Good To Be True?
I get it - and I've asked the same thing about other training that I ended up taking, applying, and getting amazing results from.

I can assure you that this is the real deal, there are no hidden fees or monthly charges.

It's just a great 14-Day Challenge to get you quick results and help you form the Productivity Foundation you need so that you can more quickly reach your goals.

And at just $7, it's a no brainer!

You have nothing to lose - except maybe a bunch of busy work that was going to waste your time...join the Challenge today!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don't have time?
Good news! Each day is broken up into a short video and action items for you - short, easy to implement steps, that keep you moving forward without burdening you with a huge time commitment. Typically you can finish each day in less than 20 minutes!
What if I already have a daily routine?
Just ask yourself - are you getting the results you really want from your current routine or do you feel like you could be getting more done, with less effort, and improving yourself and your business? If so, then this 14-Day Productivity Foundation Challenge is for you! You'll also be getting time saving over-the-should training on process automation which is worth the cost (several times over) on its own.
Do I have to use an app or something digital?
Nope! The first half of the Challenge can be done with pen and paper OR with apps or other digital devices. It's flexible and meant to include everyone's style. In the second half of the Challenge we go into automation which uses online services by its nature - but not to worry, no technical experience needed!
Adam Moody - Productivity Academy
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